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GA Global focuses on providing outstanding service within its specialist markets:


Tailored Service

GA Global Consultants possess a minimum of 6 years recruitment experience within their specialist field, where they have established extensive networks of contacts, in addition to a reputation for quality, honesty, knowledge and successful delivery. Our experienced consultants are able to leverage upon these extensive relationships and industry specific market knowledge in combination with implementing a diverse range of recruitment techniques, strategies and solutions that are tailored to meeting both client and candidate expectations. We focus on long lasting client relationships whereby we develop an intimate knowledge of the business, company culture, current and future recruitment needs and trends. This results in our ability to discover the very best temporary, contract and permanent professionals in the market. We assess technical skills, experience and knowledge, as well as cultural fit in terms of personality and career expectations, to ensure that they are the right match for the strategic direction of your business.

Our approved database is made up of only the highest calibre candidates who have gone through our thorough screening process (please view our Candidate Vetting Process). We take pride in nurturing and developing these relationships. Our extensive candidate networks are made up of many long standing relationships, with the majority of these candidates working with us on an exclusive basis, as we deliver proven value. We also proactively source the highest quality passive candidates, through our network of referrals, recommendations and ongoing relationship building throughout our specialist markets.

Our client list includes the majority of leading companies in each of our markets, both in the UK and internationally. These businesses include FTSE 100 to 250, FORTUNE 100 to 500 companies, fast growing entrepreneurial organisations, smaller boutiques, professional legal / accountancy practices and management consultancies. We have a retention rate of 98% with our existing client partnerships that use our services continuously for their recruitment needs within our market specialisms. Our innovative recruitment system and IT infrastructure enable us to provide progress updates and performance reports instantly, offering a completely transparent process.

GA Global offers you the opportunity to select from a full range of recruitment services and create a combined tailored solution to meet your business objective. Our solutions include contract and temporary recruitment, permanent recruitment (including contingency or retained search), advertising services, talent mapping, personality profiling, assessment testing, cultural awareness, perception analysis and salary analysis.


Our ethics make up the core of our reputation. GA Global Consultants abide by the principal value of confidentiality, while maintaining transparency with our candidates and clients.  Across the globe, we adhere to the local laws and regulations of the countries in which we work.

Our Ethos

Quality and honesty are at the forefront in the delivery of our service. We create an open environment to establish a flow of constructive client and candidate feedback to ensure that we are able to deliver a consistently high level service, tailored to the needs of both our clients and candidates.  We actively monitor, measure and maintain candidate and client satisfaction through service performance surveys, feedback meetings and workshops designed to ensure optimum performance.

We will listen to your requirements and make a commitment that we will be available in terms of both intellectual engagement and time to guide you through every stage of the recruitment process. Providing you with an honest appraisal of the market and advising on your various available options to ensure that no matter how challenging the assignment, we will deliver the results that we have agreed.

Contingency Search

Our contingent search service that we provide our clients is an effective model that is both responsive and tailored to meeting their high expectations as defined in the mandate. Our approach is to combine both contingency and search recruitment, providing the flexibility of a contingency recruitment service with the structured approach of a proactive search entity. We gain a complete appreciation and understanding of your: organisation and team culture; team structure; role profile; skills and experience profile; personality profile and recruitment strategy. We are then able to commence the search to identify, qualify, screen interview and present a specific shortlist of vetted candidates that match all aspects of the defined mandate. The Contingent Search would include the following processes:

  • Database and existing network search
  • Extensive website and offline advertising
  • Industry conferences and recruitment fairs
  • Proactive candidate approach
  • Candidate referrals and market networking
  • Candidate evaluation and profiling

We focus on identifying the highest calibre candidates in the market in the top 20 percentile of professionals within their chosen vertical market disciplines, by utilising: our proactive search methodology; market networking and candidate referrals. Our market maps are continually evolving and updated to allow us to pinpoint the most relevant talent of both active and passive candidates. We offer a variety of additional candidate services (please review our Candidates and Candidate Resources pages) and feedback has highlighted that these services combined with our proactive approach and latest market knowledge has attracted many candidates to develop a long standing relationship with GA Global. Our proven service and exceptional candidate relationships / care has resulted in the majority of our registered candidates using GA Global on an exclusive basis.

Retained Assignment

Our approach to each retained assignment is bespoke to each client’s needs. Firstly we will meet with you and discuss in detail the mandate of the role, your current business strategy and the desired candidate profile from a business, team, personality and cultural perspective. We determine the optimal search strategy and mutually agree timeframes together.

The GA Global team will utilise our constantly updated global talent maps to identify the most relevant and highest calibre passive candidates throughout Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia. We proactively approach these individuals, discreetly and appropriately to discuss their specific career expectations and the specifics of the position. We combine this targeted approach with extensive research across our established global network to benchmark candidates with current market levels. Candidates will be assessed against the client mandate and agreed personality profiling and assessments via telephone and face to face interviews and a shortlist will be developed. The client is presented with a market report, confidential assessment report and the shortlisted candidate details. Once client feedback is obtained we organise and manage the interview process in accordance with our client’s requirements. We review the leading candidates with our client and explore how the profile of each individual is aligned with key elements of the role and business. Following a successful interview process, we manage the closure of the assignment, working extremely closely and sensitively with both the client and candidate to manage the offer negotiations and subsequent resignation processes. We maintain close communication with the candidate throughout their notice period to ensure that momentum and motivation levels are maintained through to their start. Our results-oriented methods ensure that we always track the impact of our work, capturing reactions once a candidate is in the role, together with informative client feedback to ensure expectations have been successfully met. GA Global maintains a 100% track record of successful delivery on every retained search assignment that we have undertaken.

Temporary / Contract Recruitment

The contract market is extremely fast paced and our Consultants are specialists in being able to deliver interim solutions to critical client needs requiring immediate attention for a fixed period of specialist support.  We maintain contact with a network of the most talented candidates, proven in their delivery of temporary and contract assignments within their specialist fields. The majority of contract professionals that we work with have worked through GA Global on multiple back to back assignments and their skills have been proven and vetted with numerous references from past projects.  GA Global identifies contract professionals through referral and recommendation and rarely uses advertising methods to highlight suitable individuals.  This evolving, proven and fully vetted network of professionals enables GA Global Consultants to produce quick turnaround times and a high level of service to both clients and candidates.  Our clients commend our contract service for our turnaround speed, thorough vetting and referencing of all contract consultants and the consistent proven quality of contract professionals that we provide.  We are able to service projects with individual consultants or teams of consultants with a very rapid turnaround.  Our contract Support and Finance Teams perform critical functions including referencing, contract creation, contractor on-boarding, contract compliance, payment processing and tender documentation.

Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is a vital process to identify the key strengths and attributes of every individual within your organisation and where particular talent resides.  GA Global provide talent mapping services as a strategic tool to identify talent intelligence in advance of any recruitment planning or organisational design changes.

GA Global will guide your organisation throughout the talent mapping process objectively charting every individual in a specific department or team within a company according to their skills, experience, motivations, education, competencies and capabilities. The results are displayed as a visual map of where each individual is positioned in terms of their talent (skills, attributes and capabilities) within the company. We quantify their existing talent and analyse their potential to add and deliver value to the business in the future. Skill gaps are identified and quantified; GA Global will provide options for training internal staff or recruiting externally.  The continuous development and training of staff is integral to your future business, staff retention, business growth and achieving your organisational targets.

GA Global can also provide market talent maps to benchmark talent in specifically defined positions and establish the working conditions and remuneration that attract this talent to those businesses and retain them there.  One way of being certain to identify the specific areas of development for each individual to deliver the most added value to your business is to introduce talent mapping. GA Global’s talent mapping process will ensure that your business can accurately plan a long term strategy to release the full potential in existing individuals and determine what talent will be needed to ensure future business success.

Value Added Services

GA Global's reputation is built upon its flexibility to undertake both large and small project requirements maintaining a professional client partnership and gaining in-depth knowledge into all of our clients companies, cultures and processes in order to deliver the best tailor-made solution for their individual needs. Our industry expertise, reputation and established client base enable us to offer the following complete range of value added services:

  • Personality Profiling / Psychometric Testing – To assess an individual’s personality and behavioural traits in particular scenarios and environments.
  • Perception Analysis – GA Global provides a perception analysis assessment methodology that will improve your knowledge and understanding of how you interact with your customers and how they perceive your business in the market. This information is invaluable to improve your strategic positioning; accurately defining your competitive business environment in order for you to develop a business strategy that delivers results and adds considerable value to your business and customer relationships.
  • Assessment Testing – GA Global can perform verbal and non-verbal candidate assessments for clients and practice tests for candidates aimed at optimizing their test performance.
  • Culture Assessment – GA Global culture assessments are aimed at defining organisational cultures for evaluating the cultural fit of individuals, teams and key leadership.
  • Salary Benchmarking / Surveys – GA Global provide a tailored and specialised research service of salary levels for defined positions / skill sets within specific industry sectors and geographical locations.
  • Advertised Selection – For high volume recruitment over a large geographical area GA Global can provide advice, negotiation, production and management of specific advertising methods and campaigns. Including screening, interviewing and shortlisting of relevant candidates.

GA Global Consultants are experts in performing these highly sensitive and structured professional services. Collating vital information that we analyse, interpret and then present to you with a full results document, explaining our measurement models, conclusions and thorough recommendations, which will improve your business and staff understanding, performance and results.