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GA Global Consulting’s Risk Division boasts a team of highly knowledgeable recruitment consultants that have pinpointed specialisms within the risk sphere, focusing on vertical risk markets and achieving outstanding levels of success, not only throughout the Financial Services sector, but also within Commerce & Industry, where the focus on risk is now becoming more apparent.

The success that our Risk Division has enjoyed is not solely defined by the placements that we have made, but also by the expertise and market advice that is continuously sought from our consultants, both by candidates and clients alike. We have achieved Tier 1 supplier status with many of the leading organisations with which we work, through the provision of high calibre risk individuals that are known quantities to us, whom we have successfully worked with previously and now work with on an exclusive basis.

Risk Operation Market Credit Liquidity Solvency Basel

Our vertical risk markets are outlined below:

Operational Risk

Operational Risk encompasses the broad range of risks that arise internally throughout an organisation, as a result of its processes, staff and systems, in addition to including environmental, physical and other possible risks. We have individuals who specialise in:

  • Implementation and embedding of operational risk management frameworks
  • Operational risk policy implementation and review
  • Production of risk reporting packs
  • Updated knowledge of regulatory developments and governance issues
  • Implementation and oversight of operational risk systems
  • Management of risk quantification
  • Annual operational risk assessment plans
  • Key risk Indicators
  • Risk mitigation
  • Promotion of risk awareness

Typical positions placed:

  • Director of Operational Risk
  • Senior Operational Risk Manager
  • Operational Risk Manager
  • Operational Risk Consultant
  • Operational Risk Analyst
  • Operational Risk Reporting Officer
  • Operational Risk Governance Product Manager

Market Risk

Market Risk describes potential losses resulting from changes in market conditions, which subsequently affect prices.  Examples of such conditions include interest rates, foreign exchange rates, commodity prices and equities.  Skills within this area for which we typically recruit include:

  • Modelling and reporting of market risk
  • Validation of market data
  • Detailed understanding of market risk methodology
  • Portfolio/ trade specific analysis
  • Stress testing and VaR analytics

Typical positions placed:

  • Market Risk Programme Manager
  • Market Risk Project Lead
  • Market Risk Manager
  • Market Risk Business Analyst
  • Market Risk Functional Analyst
  • Market Risk Consultant
  • Senior Market Risk Analyst
  • Market Risk Reporting and Control

Credit Risk

Credit Risk refers to the risk of borrowers defaulting on any type of debt, resulting in loss of principal and interest, disrupted cash flow and increased cost of collection.  We place professionals that have:

  • Detailed understanding of credit market products
  • Credit analysis
  • Credit approval
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Credit risk modelling (creation and validation)
  • Credit risk reporting

Typical positions placed:

  • Credit Risk Appetite Manager
  • Credit Risk Project Manager
  • Credit Risk Modelling and Strategy
  • Credit Risk Business Analyst
  • Credit Risk Portfolio Reporting
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Credit Rating Specialist
  • Credit Risk Auditor

Liquidity Risk

Liquidity risk can be sub divided into two categories, namely Market Liquidity, which is where there is difficulty in selling an asset due to a fall in liquidity within the market, or Funding Liquidity, where there is a risk that liabilities cannot be met, or can only be met under certain compromising conditions. The liquidity risk roles that we recruit for include:

  • Development, assessment and improvement of liquidity risk policies
  • Reporting
  • Liquidity risk analysis and commentary
  • Input into ILAA process
  • Identification of early warning indicators

Typical positions placed:

  • Liquidity Risk Director
  • Liquidity Risk Manager
  • Business Analyst Liquidity Risk
  • Senior Liquidity Risk Analyst
  • Liquidity Reporting Controller
  • Liquidity Planning Analyst

Solvency II

Our Solvency II Team is coordinated by highly specialist consultants commanding extensive regulatory recruitment exposure within the Insurance sector. They have built strong and established relationships with market leading insurers through delivering a consultative and tailored service. We provide Solvency II Management professionals and highly knowledgeable Solvency II Consultants (ORSA, IMAP, QIS5, PAQC, MI & Reporting, Systems & Data, Risk Subject Matter Experts and Actuaries) across Europe, having successfully delivered niche recruiment mandates for a vast range of insurers (Life, General and Specialist) within differing stages of their respective Solvency II programmes, since 2009. 

Typical positions placed:

  • Solvency II Strategic Directors
  • Solvency II Programme Managers
  • Solvency II Project Managers
  • Solvency II Business Analysts
  • Solvency II PMO
  • MI / Financial Reporting Specialists
  • Documentation Specialists
  • Solution Architects
  • ORSA / IMAP / QIS5 / PAQC Specialists
  • Governance Professionals
  • Solution Architects
  • Systems & Data PMs / Business Analysts
  • Solvency II Product Consultant

Basel III

The Third Basel Capital Accord sets international capital adequacy, stress testing and liquidity risk standards. Basel III is the most recent version of an initiative that requires financial services companies to have a more risk sensitive framework for the assessment of regulatory capital and is a direct response to the recent economic difficulties suffered throughout the global financial markets.

Basel III incorporates substantial changes in the guidelines in several areas, with the aim of increasing banking liquidity and leverage. Our compliance consultants specialise in the provision of Basel III Project Managers, as well as IT and finance consultants to leading banking clients to ensure successful compliance with Basel III.

Typical positions placed:

  • Basel III Programme Director
  • Basel III Programme Manager
  • Basel III Project Manager
  • Basel III Business Analyst
  • Basel III PMO
  • Documentation Writer
  • Basel III Liquidity Experts
  • Basel III Regulatory Analyst
  • Basel III Product Consultant